In 2004, director Oliver Hirschebiegl made a movie in German called “Downfall.”  A lengthy scene from this movie has been used over and over again by people who make subtitles that tell a story quite different than the actual words spoken in German by the actors.  Mr. Hirschbiegel loves that people are using his film to make parodies.  He says people constantly send him links to new parodies.  He has seen over 145 Hitler parodies.  His favorites are:

Hitler learns the Michael Jackson died

Hitler cannot get Billy Elliott tickets

Before you create your own Hitler parody, you should know that Constantin Film, the owner of Downfall, frequently demands that website remove the Hitler parodies because they infringe on its copyright.  See “Just how many Hitler videos does the world need?”  The New York Times story called “The Hitler Meme” looks at this topic from a different angle.  Here are some other Hitler parody videos.

Hitler responds to Apple’s new iPad

Hitler mistakenly makes a public post on his Facebook account that he meant to be private

Hitler learns that Jay Leno will replace Conan O’Brien on the Tonight Show

Hitler finds out Kanye West Disses Taylor Swift at the VMAs