This story in not recent news, but I just heard about it because the City of New York is appealing the verdict that it must pay a cop $4.5 million after he shot himself when the chair he was sitting on collapsed.  The New York Injury Cases Blog has a good summary of this amazing case. The “victim” idiot was sitting in the now notorious chair when a fellow cop asked the idiot to hold his gun.  Instead of putting the gun on a desk or in a desk drawer or in a holster that protects against accidental discharge of the weapon, poop-for-brains put the loaded weapon in his waistband, leaned back on the chair, it fell over, dude grabbed for the gun (why?), put his finger on the trigger and pulled.  Result:  9mm slug in idiot’s knee and the city owes him $4.5 million.

The case is more evidence of the damage that run-a-way litigation and jury verdicts do to our country.  Why did the city have to pay a cent?  Why did the guy grab for the gun as he was falling?  Think about it.  If you are sitting in a chair, you lean back and the chair falls over backward with you in it, do you grab for the gun in your waistband or do you put your hands out to break your fall?  I would try to break my fall and so would 99.999% of everybody on the planet.  Frankly, I have a hard time believing his story.

Everybody who has had any training in gun safety knows:

  • You never put a loaded weapon in your waistband.
  • You always carry a loaded weapon in a holster.
  • You never put your finger on the trigger unless you are preparing to fire or intend to fire.

I am sure that New York cops are trained in these fundamental concepts of weapons safety.  The guy broke three fundamental safety rules and it’s the City’s fault he shot himself!  Why does the City of New York have to pay for the idiot cop’s stupidity?  Why is it that people are not responsible for their actions?  Why do people want to blame others for their mistakes?

See the story in the New York Daily News called “Ex-city cop wins huge award after chair he sat in broke, sending bullet into his knee.”