Forget all the problems in the United States and the world, two crusaders who love to attack windmills are fighting our battles for us.  See the story in Above the Law.  The two plaintiffs sued Blimpie in a class action lawsuit for allegedly skimping on meat in Blimpie sandwiches.  The plaintiffs claim that a 12 inch sandwich contains 50 grams of protein, but the double your meat version of the sandwich contains only 73 grams of protein.  Holy false advertising Batman!  Here’s the part of the complaint that really ticks me off:

They also claim that other Super Stacked sandwiches should not be called that because there are no regular-size sandwiches to which to compare them.

Dude, doesn’t Blimpie have any shame?  Surely the Federal Trade Commission, the Food and Drug Administration or the Consumer Products Safety Commission will  assign 20 or 30 staff to investigate and spend millions of dollars of our tax money prosecuting this travesty of justice and force Blimpie to get its sandwich names in line with applicable federal and state law and nail Blimpie for a massive fine to teach it a lesson.  Where is the Food Police when you need them?  Whoops.  I forgot.  The Food Police are  busy busting bake sales in New York City Schools and going after dangerous hot dogs.