Lowering the Bar:  “I think my iPhone is a great invention, made even greater by the many software applications that you can download for it. But as 95 percent of my cable channels demonstrate, even the greatest inventions can be put to utterly stupid uses.  Some of the best-selling iPhone apps fall into that category. I am proud to say I own many apps, but not either “iFart Mobile” or “Pull My Finger,” both of which, for just 99 cents, allow users to play a variety of simulated flatulence sounds.  iFart was produced by InfoMedia, Inc., based in Colorado and owned by a guy named Joel Comm; while Pull My Finger was created by Florida-based Air-O-Matic, Inc.   As recounted by a Fort Collins newspaper, the two companies quickly emerged as the titans of flatulence simulation: ‘

[Air-O-Matic] held the early lead in sales of novelty applications that produce flatulence noises, but iFart surpassed Pull My Finger in popularity, in part because of the marketing that sparked the potential court battle’.”  See Joel Comm’s blog post on the lawsuit.