Electronic Frontier Foundation:  When software asks if you to click to agree to its terms of service aka user agreement, do you read the actual agreement before clicking that you agree?  Whether you read the terms of service or not, are you becoming a party to an enforceable contract?  This article explores the contract issues arising from “click wrap” agreements in depth.

“I Agree.”  We have all, at some point while online, clicked on a button bearing these words.  Whether it is registering for a new social media account or just trying to get to our bank statements, one almost cannot visit a website today without eventually being asked to agree a listed set of “Terms and Conditions.”  But by clicking on such boxes, or even in some cases just by using the website, we as online users may be binding ourselves to legally enforceable contracts with the online service provider (i.e. website, MMORPG, etc.).”