There is a federal law called the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 that prohibits sending commercial faxes to somebody with whom the sender does not have a relationship with or permission to send the fax.  The penalty is $500/fax or $1,500/fax if the fax was sent intentionally.‘s story entitled “In $2.9 Million ‘Blast Fax’ Settlement, Plaintiffs Get Coupons and Lawyers Get Cash” says

Business service and supply giant Pitney Bowes has agreed to settle a “blast fax” class action by giving $26 coupons to plaintiffs for each week they received an unwanted fax — and $950,000 to the lawyers for the class.

As usual with class action lawsuits, the lawyers get rich and the members of the class get something that isn’t worth the time it takes to fill out the claim form.

See my articles and information on this topic at “Junk Fax Law – the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991.”  See also the Arizona junk fax class action ESI Ergonomic Solutions, L.L.C., v. United Artists Theatre Circuit, Inc., & American Blast Fax, Inc., filed by my neighbor Chris LaVoy.